There are hundreds of companies making thousands of boats all across the world everyday. All of them use basically the same material – screws, bolts, nuts, etc. — All of them use basically the same equipment to build the boat drills, saws, spray guns, etc. So what is it that puts Yamaha above all the other boat companies? Simply put it’s our people. From the president of the company to the employee working his or her first day on the job and everyone in between, it’s a sense of pride and responsibility that drives us each day to ensure our customers get a high quality product at an affordable price that will give them years of enjoyment. At Yamaha it’s our people that make it possible.

John Coleman

My name is Tricia Smith. I have been with Yamaha for 3 years. My experiences here have been very satisfying and fulfilling. I started on the deck line in assembly. Since then I have been promoted to crew leader of deck line and then on to Utility Line Tech; which has served me well in my goal to obtain as much knowledge as possible about Yamaha jet boats; and continues my growth daily. I love my job at Yamaha and look forward to retiring from here when I’m old.

Tricia Smith

My experience so far at YJBM has been a very positive experience. As a former employee of other high production facilities, I can honestly say that Yamaha is a great place for employment. Great pay, benefits, leadership, and the opportunity for growth is always present.

Chuck Easter

Yamaha is by far the best employment opportunity of my working career. Management is caring & understanding when “Life Happens” & easy to talk to. Yamaha is a place to work where you look forward to another workday. Benefits, 4 day work week, bonuses & advancement opportunities are some of the best.

Sharlene Thompson

I’ve worked for Yamaha for a little over a year now. So far it has been a great place to work with excellent insurance and benefits.

Mark Wheik

I have worked for Yamaha for over 22 years. Yamaha has always treated me fairly and with respect. The changes over the years have been remarkable and we continue to grow as a company. If you are looking for employment with a great company with good pay and benefits, I would highly recommend you consider Yamaha.

George Knapp